Advertising Impact Tracking Platform

Track AD impact throughout ad networks, social networks, search engines and App stores with real-time data feedback,collect precise cross-terminal and cross-channel mobile AD impact data,analyze user attributes and user behaviors to provide true and reliable mobile marketing monitoring data for advertisers in order to maximize ad value.

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Real-time Data Analysis

Real-time data collection and analysis supported by a strong processing capacity; NO DELAY monitoring of ad dynamics for advertisers.

Comprehensive channel tracking

Track and analyze the promotion effects of different channels, assess the channel values, help select the most appropriate and the most valuable promotion channel,and guide advertising to get higher return with the lowest cost.

Precise effect evaluation

Track and analyze data performance features in terms of click, activation, registration, and payment,to provide data support and comparative analysis for advertising performanceevaluation to optimize promotion methods.

Reliable anti-cheating mechanism

The system cleans, filters and de-duplicates the collected data for more than three roundsin each system matching,to ensure the data accuracy and provide the most powerful guarantee for your data effectiveness.

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