ADX (Advertising Data Intelligence)
Through our flagship advertising data analysis tool, ADX, one can view the latest Chinese game advertisement data in real time, discover unlimited advertising materials and understand competitors’ mobile marketing strategy.
All of China’s game advertisement launch rankings and rank developments, including filtering by different genres, formats and newest games, etc., are all in the palm of your hand.
Advertising Material Showcase
Covers creative advertisement data from China’s mainstream media platforms, processing nearly a million advertisement data entries daily. Quickly and accurately access the newest copies, images, materials and other information in real time.
In-Depth Advertising Data Analysis
We’re able to access the corresponding game, company and media platform for all advertising material that we can access, analyzing it using our powerful “smart” processing and determining the best advertising strategy for the client.
Audience Demographic Analysis
Fully comprehend the target audience for video advertisements and conduct statistical analysis according to gender, age and region, as well as competitive advertising comparison.
Media Coverage
Covers all mainstream media, including Jinri Toutiao, Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba and other main platforms, providing optimized advertisements for clients.
Creative Advertising
We create the most competitive video material, custom-tailored for the Chinese market, for our clients, featuring a much higher than market average CTR due to being based on first-hand marketing data.
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