APP Analytics Platform

According to the data performance of mobile APPs,We help mobile APP developers collectAPP statistical data, analyze user attributes and behaviors, and understand APP promotion and operation status.Provide data support for developers to optimize the product design and develop operation and marketing strategies.

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Data Overview

Provide one-stop data overview with core indicators including app store traffic, version analysis, user analysis, customized events etc. to monitor marketing performance and advise strategy adjustment.

User Behavior Analysis

Based on start times, retained users, using duration, frequency and other data changes, helps developersdeeply understand user behaviors and habits, and rationallyanalyze user needs.

Event transformation statistical analysis

Based on custom events and event transformation statistical analysis, helps developersunderstand user scenario behaviors and operations in a smaller granularity ,and then understand the user operating habitsto optimize the application design.

Analysis of customized module effects

According to vertical segments of mobile APPs, such as different attributes of APP stores and video services, helps developers customize exclusive feature modules to analyze the internal data of mobileAPPs

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