DMP Platform – Mining the commecial value of data

Integrate data of multiple sourcesand analyze user behaviors in multiple dimensions to provide intellectual support and driving force for programmed delivery, and support interactive marketing in realtime to achieve the maximum marketing effect.

Data Services

Data Label Service – Enable More Precise Launch

With 9 dimensions, 23 categories, and 500 types of labels,a large data label database can enable a multi-dimensional user portrait system toextract the complete user information and comprehensively present the user behavior attributes.

Data Exchange Service–Extract Multi-Dimensional Attribute

Integrate abundant data from isolated enterprise data,obtain the target data from multiple dimensions,provide accurate data for cooperation partners,and ensure fairness and justness for both cooperation parties according to the objective value evaluation system.

Data Portrait Service –Visualize User Portraits

Build data models for user portraits, and design the functions and operationsof the user portrait tools for each role based on actual client needs and position needs.

Data Management Platform (DMP)

Data of 1 billion user devices · 100 million daily active devices

IP analysis
Channel analysis
Game analysis
App analysis
Ad Tracking
Exterior Data Source
Data application product
Third-party DSP platform
Data transaction and interaction platform


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