Games without ISBN are NOT allowed to be published in China. Our professional team is able to accurately manage the application process with success rate up to 99%. We assist overseas game developers with accessing hundreds of Android app store channel resources, including express review, assisting with SDK access and applying for feature display on various stores in China.
Authoritative Expert Team
Our top-level professional Chinese team, composed of original game version auditors, lawyers and other professionals, is thoroughly versed in application processing and strategy, and deeply experienced in the field of game version review.
Fast and Convenient
The client needs only to prepare the basic game materials and leave the rest to us, increasing the game audit acceptance rate while reducing auditing time.
Information Confidentiality
All client information is kept strictly confidential to protect customer information leakage.
Unlimited Android Channel Resources
DataEye has already established long-term business relationships with mainstream Android app stores, including Myapp, 360 Assistant, Huawei App store and hundreds of other Android channels. Establishing a working relationship with us is like establishing business relations with all of these channels.
Local SDK Resources
We assist clients with resolving any technical issues they may encounter while accessing SDK, promptly proposing solutions and increasing SDK efficiency.
High-Quality Advertisement Resources
We continue to utilize our special channels to help you apply for high-quality advertising resources after your game has been listed on the app store, providing your game with more opportunities for exposure.
Optimization Consultation for Localized Games
With our six years of experience in the game data analysis field, we fathom very well the preferences that Chinese gamers have towards different types of games, allowing us to provide North American clients with professional localization, format, design and game operation counseling services.
Local Customer Support Team
We feature a Chinese customer support team of over fifty members, allowing us to provide 24X7 counseling and support for players, as well as collect customer feedback and allow our clients to establish closer communicative relationships with players.
Localization and Translation Services
We have a team of professional game translators, who are both translators and gamers. They conduct localization on the game before beginning the translation process, tailoring the game to the local audience.
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